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Teeth Whitening in Merritt Island, FL


In a world where looks are very important, we could see why the look of your smile is among the top of your cosmetic concerns. Thankfully, My Island Dental in Merritt Island, FL is able to help you address this dilemma with professional teeth whitening. Though there are hundreds of grocery store whitening options, we use a product which is superior to any over-the-counter remedies currently available. Our whitening treatments, highly recommended by top dentist Dr. Huy Tran, will whiten your teeth by quite a few colors, helping you to keep your amazing results for much longer than alternative options. We utilize professional-strength solutions that actually do the job, reaching below the surface of the teeth to remove deep stains, as opposed to consumer-level options which only scrape the surface (quite literally), providing a brighter shade of yellow, at the very best.

Best Candidates

While comparing the advantages and disadvantages of professional-strength vs. store-bought whitening options you ought to consider what it is that you are trying to accomplish. If your smile has been white your entire life and has only recently started to yellow, a grocery store purchased product could create great but temporary results. However, when your teeth have darker discoloration, either in terms of tooth thickness or color, you might be an fantastic candidate to receive professional-strength, in-office teeth whitening at My Island Dental. If you want home touch-ups, Dr. Tran can additionally offer at-home custom bleach trays which can be used in conjunction with our whitening solutions for upkeep.

What To Expect

What you should anticipate for the whitening sessions is dependent on the method recommended by Dr. Tran. As our clinic provides multiple options for effective and professional teeth whitening, the process selected for you will be decided upon after an appointment where your goals and lifestyle are discussed and taken under consideration. In the majority of circumstances, your professional teeth whitening procedure will be performed in less than one hour, through the use of a professional-strength whitening gel, combined with the technology of a light system that immediately whitens the teeth several colors. Our at-home systems are also efficient but might offer more subtle differences over a few months.


After either procedure, you might experience a little extra sensitivity to cold or hot foods, but this usually subsides within a few days. Just like all dental procedures, routine dental examinations by Dr. Tran are important and imperative to preserving results. These examinations will assess the entire mouth from gum tissue health to the condition of each tooth. When the primary treatment is completed, we usually recommend returning for touch-ups a few times annually, in addition to professional cleanings that will benefit your dental well-being. Remember, that simply because your teeth are whitened does not necessarily indicate that they’re in perfect health. That is why routine examinations continue to be needed. You’ll also be provided detailed instructions pertaining to what foods should and should not be consumed in near future (this includes coffee and red wine).

Insurance Coverage

Since teeth whitening is deemed optional and cosmetic in nature, it isn’t often covered by dental insurance companies. However, our well-trained billing staff can acquire and assess your dental coverage to see whether any part of your dental appointment could be covered by your dental insurance to reduce the price of your appointment. If you don’t carry dental insurance, then we’ll be delighted to talk with you about our payment choices in addition to the potential for receiving low-interest medical financing.

Ready for Whiter Teeth?

Whitening can provide fast and dramatic improvements to your teeth and very possibly your total look. If you’ve been contemplating a teeth whitening program, but are not certain whether professional or at-home alternatives are the proper solution, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tran to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure before you make your choice.

Teeth Whitening

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The doctor at My Island Dental is a truly caring, compassionate and dedicated Dentist who even remembers single emergency visit patients with years past since visit. He makes time to see patients in need of emergency treatment and treats you as if you were a patient for years.He is personable and tells you up front what your choices of treatment are and he makes sure you understand exactly what those options are and what each options result would be. He makes even the most frightened patient feel comfortable and at ease in a way few Dentist can.

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I have not been to a dentist in many years. I had to have a tooth extracted. All of the staff was very understanding and compassionate. If every dental practice was as caring as My Island Dental I would have gone a long time ago.